What We Do

We are all about
improving your   bottom line 

Who We Are

“What does your company do?” is one of those questions that always pop up in any situation, whether you are in a familiar social environment or when you meet a new prospect. It is the business equivalent of conversation starters such as “the weather has been strange, hasn’t it?” and “do you play golf?”

While most companies have a straightforward answer to this question, it is not always that simple to explain what MOYO does.
Defining one of the biggest business challenges of our time, John Zachman, early pioneer of enterprise architecture, said: “When the rate of change increases to the point that real time required to assimilate change exceeds the time in which change must be manifest, the enterprise is going to find itself in deep yogurt.”

“Keeping our clients out of the yogurt” is not necessarily the conventional way to describe what we do, but in the context of the rapidly changing business environment, it is a good analogy of what is at our core.

We are an organization that creates an environment where people can be themselves, hone their skills and passion, be entrepreneurial and strive to add value and make a difference in both the professional and social context.

Our Vision

Being the Market Leader in Solving Business Problems
through the Provisioning of Advisory Services and
Specialised Business Solutions

Our Mission

Delivering Optimal Business Solutions through:

  • Appropriately Skilled and Well Equipped Resources
  • Universal; Diverse; and Specialised Offerings
  • Value for Money (VfM)
  • Building and Maintaining Long Term Relationships